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The 20th Dawan District Industrial Expo in 2019--Guangdong Fudao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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Guangdong Fudao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is still participating in the 22nd DMP International Mold, Metal Processing, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition of 2019 Dawan District Industrial Expo with Dongguan Fudao General Machinery Co., Ltd.

Exhibition time: November 16-29, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Dawan District New Exhibition Hall)

Guangdong Fudao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Changan Town, a famous mold town in Guangdong. After years of development, it has established the brand of “Fudao•Jingji” in China. At present, the main products of Fudao·Jingji> are: LMMC series gantry machining center, VMC series heavy cutting threeaxis hard rail machining center, MV series heavy cutting gear head machining center, VL series twoaxis rail machining center, V series high speed Highprecision threeaxis rail machining center, FHMC series horizontal machining center, T series highspeed drilling and tapping center machine, FDG series engraving and milling machine, FDL series CNC lathe, turning and milling composite CNC lathe, FDM series milling machine, grinding machine, spark machine. The raw materials of the products have always adhered to the use of highprecision parts from wellknown manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc. The satisfaction of sales and service has been widely praised by customers, and has become the designated gold supplier and machine tool import and export of many large enterprises in China. .

      Since its establishment, Fudao·Seiko brand has been adhering to three good service tenet of “good quality, good customer trust and good service”. In order to meet the needs of the market and protect the interests of customers, the company is committed to the development and production of highprecision technical machine tools, and pursues the top performance of machine tools; to provide customers with the most sophisticated industrial machine, to solve the efficient integration of production and efficiency. Fudao • Seiki products are widely used in 3C electronic mobile phone industry, metallurgical shipbuilding industry, aviation auto parts industry, mold hardware industry, plastic gear industry and other professional production areas.



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