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corporate philosophy

corporate philosophy

corporate philosophy

Business philosophy: The pursuit of excellence is endless, and advance with the times to create a future!

Marketing concept: create value for users and win friends for the company!

In the 21st century marketing, “creating value for users” advocates not simply the meaning of buying and selling, but trying to create value for users in other jobs that they have no or no access to, so that they can become repeat customers. Eventually become a friend of the company.

Team concept: the goal is the same direction, the burden is leading, the tacit trust, the risk sharing.

Fudao Company advocates the team spirit of Dayan. It is the common goal of Lingang people to create the most competitive plate industry. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone must be loyal to their own team, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, develop their potential, do things with their heart, and strive to be "leaders" in the team; trust each other, cooperate with each other, be willing to contribute, and unite as one. In the fierce market competition, we will fight against the storm and overcome difficulties, and finally realize our own life value while realizing the strategic goal of enterprise development.

Innovation concept: continuous innovation, tolerance failure

Continuous innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create the most competitive medium and heavy plate enterprises, we must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support employee innovation, innovative technology, innovation management, innovation system and innovation environment; Failures in work must be understood, tolerated, and encouraged, so that innovation becomes a quality, a spirit, and a style.

Talent concept: people are suitable for their position

As long as you are willing and able to work hard and contribute to the company, it is the talent that the company needs. In selecting talents, the first consideration is the personnel's knowledge and skills and post needs, so that the two can achieve the best combination, and maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.

Quality concept: high standard, refined, zero defect

High standards, refinement, and zero defects are the basic requirements of enterprises for employees and the basic working attitude of employees. High standards are prerequisites, refinement is the basic requirement, and zero defects are the ultimate goal. The three are interlocking and indispensable.

Service concept: customer demand is the direction of our struggle, customer satisfaction is the goal of our work


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